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Install and Configure Cisco VPN Client (VPNC) in Linux

To Install vpnc

Red Hat / CentOS
$ yum install vpnc

Debian / Ubuntu
For Ubuntu you should prefix the command with “sudo” to execute it as root.
$ apt-get install vpnc

Configuring vpnc

After installing vpnc package, we need to have a configutation file which contains the credentials.
— Copying /etc/vpnc/default.conf ¬†file for your specific VPN, such as “testvpn.conf”.
— Edit the new file in the text editor of your choice.

The default configuration file should contain something like this:

IPSec gateway
IPSec secret
IKE Authmode hybrid
Xauth username
Xauth password

Change the lines as:

IPSec gateway 123.456.789
IPSec ID testpn
IPSec secret secretvpn-key
IKE Authmode psk
Xauth username vpn-user
Xauth password vpn-password

Connecting and Disconnecting a VPN

To connect the VPN client:

$ vpnc testvpn.conf

To disconnect the VPN client:

$ vpnc-disconnect

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